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dr_dude2's Journal

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Doctor Dude 2
6 March
First and foremost, I am a Libertarian. I believe that probably says a lot about me and the person I am. That said.....

I have very well defined opinions about just about everything, from technology to politics...psychology to philosophy, so beware if you choose to engage me in debate about why what I believe in is "stupid" in your opinion! I have the courage of my convictions and the knowledge/education to back them up. These are just MY views about the world around me, and I respect anybody's right to believe in whatever they will or to hold any particular viewpoint on anything. You are free to believe in whatever you wish, as am I, but if you choose to attack my particular belief system be prepared to support your position with more than just saying, "I think that is stupid, just because." If you do not like what I have to say, vote with your mouse and "click" away to some other page in the vast 'Net universe. If you want to do intellectual "battle" but have no ammunition to back yourself up, then answering that sort of ignorance is hardly worth my time.

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